Friday, June 19, 2009


A few months ago, on the night I cried at the church (prior to the shedding of tears), I had a conversation with an individual, wherein I repeatedly used the word "buffet" to describe a barrier for sound between room A and room B. After throwing the word around like nobody's business - the individual finally corrected me and offered the word I was hopelessly ignoring (because it's not even right to say I was searching for the correct term... it was no-holds back in my wrong word usage), "um, you mean buffer."

"Oh, yeah! Heh. What was I saying? Like, it would support the sound? Heh, heh... hooh..."

And yeah, my response was awkward like that. Because I find myself being an uber-awkward talker these days (more on that later).

Before I go on, you must know, I'm pretty critical when people use words incorrectly. Type there for their or they're and you might have to talk me down from a ledge.

And so, you cannot begin to imagine my horror when I shift+F7'd this evening, summoning the thesaurus to help me find a suitable substitute for the word "support" and came across the word "buttress."



That's the word I meant when I corrected myself for using the wrong word.

So, um - what the aytch is buffet?

Well, I'm fairly positive I didn't mean "to drive, force, move, or attack by or as if by repeated blows." So that leaves only Jimmy or Warren.

Post Script - it's funny to me that my earliest memory of Jimmy Buffett was in elementary school when Eric P. gave his music report on Jimmy B. I gave mine on Aaron Copeland. And then I busted out the violin (that old trick again, Furniss?). I suppose that Eric P. and I were two fourth graders from very different worlds.

Post Post Script - my second earliest memory of Jimmy Buffett (and frankly, folks, we may have just exhausted my "memories of Jimmy Buffett" file) was forever confusing him with, or more accurately, assuming one and the sameness with Warren Buffett.

Tropical rock legend. "Brain can't comprehend this kind of wealth"-y philanthropist.

Tomayto - Tomahto.


Ashley said...

There are so many moments of ignorance I experienced in this post, the only one I'm going to admit to is "margaritaville". Explain.

allyn said...

hilarious. you make me laugh with every post. i thought you were talking about a buffet, as in the piece of furniture within which you store your best china. you are so well-spoken otherwise, it is fun to hear your bloopers.

sorensenpower said...

My love of odd words is only trumped by my fear of incorrectly using aforementioned odd words.

I love stories like this though. It makes me want to read the dictionary.

For some reason the word buttress automatically makes my brain think of a Flying Buttress (, which we learned about in the 4th grade.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Dan - yes! In fact, when I made my awkward comment about supporting/holding up the sound, I think I may have made an arm motion like a flying buttress. It was really one for the books.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

I used the word matriculate in place of the word gravitate. I had been doing this for years. Like the people who matriculated to no, Lindsey, you mean gravitate....Oi.

Brooke and Darin said...

Allison I'm so glad you found my blog. What's new with you? You look so happy!