Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birthday. Noah's.

Noah flipped the calendar on yet another year o’ life a few weeks ago, and I tell ya, this city is a decent place to celebrate a birthday.

Step One: Gettin’ Naked.

But not like that.

(I get really nervous about being irreverent on the blog ever since I learned Grandma reads it :), but I couldn’t resist.)

I’ve mentioned Noah’s affinity for Naked Juice a time or two. Truly, it is his indulgence of choice. Is it embarrassing that when I “indulge” it’s usually chocolate and murder on the hips, and Noah’s version of indulging is pure fruit goodness? I stocked up on a few bottles of the stuff so he could have it with every meal, and since the rest of the menu for Noah’s birthday fare was also deliciously fruits and veggies-heavy, I engaged in a 10-mile walk in search of the city’s finest produce by farmer’s market on Birthday’s Eve.

Step Two: Strand our Guests on a Random Street in Harlem

We were ecstatic to have the Essigs in town, but maybe we should have demonstrated that enthusiasm by answering our phones! Les and Coco got into town as we were getting out of church, and unbeknownst to us they were waiting patiently on the wrong side of the park for us to be, you know, helpful. Once we reclaimed our guests, it was time for the birthday feast.

We put a twist on the traditional birthday dinner and made it a picnic lunch in Central Park. It was the perfect weather and a fun, relaxing evening with the Essigs. We found a cozy little nook, shared it with an albino rat and enjoyed the fruits (quite literally) of Saturday’s 10-mile urban farmers’ market hunt.
After the park, we headed back to our place and our good friend, Ibrahim, joined us for dessert (Lindsay’s famous triple berry cobbler – so easy even I can’t mess this up) (I don't know why it's so hilarious to me that when I Googled it, I found the recipe in the Rockmart Journal. Maybe because the photo caption reads "Deep Dish Triple Berry Cobbler Is Easy." No beating around the bush. So now you have to believe me.)

Step Three: What’s a party without gifts?

When we packed our little car to head East, I elicited a devastated look from Noah when I insisted his mitt, baseball and Frisbee weren’t getting any of the prime real estate in the moving van… er, compact car. So I figured he’d be all about things to throw at Central/Morningside/Riverside Parks now that it’s throwin’ weather out there. He was all about it. But the stack of gifts did scream of a little less 26 and lot more 6.

Steps Four, Five, Six: Vive New York

The partying went on long into the week. I believe this may have been our most New York-y week on record. On Monday evening, our incredibly generous guests treated us to dinner and a show. We saw Phantom of the Opera and it was incredible! The last time I saw it on stage, I was seven and sunburned – so the experience was definitely worth having again, sans the pain. (Or any tan whatsoever, for that matter. Les' golf tan really wasn't as striking as it seems in this shot. :) But it did call attention to the Riley whiteness.)
Tuesday night we worked late. Woo! But, oh so New York of us.

Wednesday night, we braved the rain and cold to get our game on. Our Yankees game on.
Note the outerwear and the date. Coats in June?!

Warning: tired and going to end the post in the least creative way possible.

Happy Birthday, Noah! And thanks for visiting, Essigs – we loved having you here!


Jordan and Candice said...

Happy late birthday Noah. You will live a lot longer than I will since you indulge in fruit and I indulge in chocolate, Doughnut Plant, and Levain Bakery. Try it. There is even a raspberry donut so you can get your fruit in.

Ashley said...

Your hair looks a-rockin' in Central Park! Have I mentioned that I now regularly have dreams of coming to see you? When, pray tell, do those $9 flights come around again?

Robby Spratt said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! I especially liked step one. That was hilarious!

melissa o said...

Dude, you two are freeeeaking good looking. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NOAH! And cheers to getting naked. :)

Dominick and Becky said...

Looks amazing, but stick with going to the Mets!! Queens is better than the Bronx and much cheaper tickets!

Sarah & Trent said...

Hey New Yorkers, so fun to check out your blog again and catch up with your happenins. It's funny, I chose an anniversary dinner last year at Sweet Tomatoes because I wanted alllll fruits and veggies. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday to Noah! It's fun to see you guys livin' it up in NYC.

-Adam Fowles

scott and lindsey said...

I FOUND YOU!! Happy Birthday Noah!! I had no idea! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Scott LOVED naked juice too- maybe i'll let him indulge on his birthday ;) Great to see you guys last night! thanks for coming- we'll keep in touch.

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

Ya let's do dinner! just let me know what time! Oh and let me know what I should bring!

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

Ya let's do dinner! just let me know what time! Oh and let me know what I should bring!

Dominick and Becky said...

Hopr you had a great birthday Noah! How could it not be great with an Albino rat to share it with?