Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gather 'Round

I received a call on Friday afternoon that my dear friend, Alisa, and her family were in NYC from Beantown. They had planned on going back home that evening - but we conned them in to staying for the night.

And when I say "conned" - I mean conned. In the "they helped us move a dining table" sense.

I thought if we fed them dinner and made them German pancakes in the morning, then maybe we'd be even. But that Alisa had to go and outdo herself by taking, editing and sending photos of the lovely weekend. So none of the photo credit here it mine, folks.
It was fun how much centered around this table during their stay - the menfolk dragged it home (carried on Noah's back through a park at one point); we watched it take form as one piece at a time made its way into the apartment; we enjoyed great meals and even better conversation around it until we just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.

It seemed only fitting to take a picture of the one place we planted ourselves for nearly their whole stay (although, great conversation got in the way of a photo op at night - so you get morning makeupless pajamas Allison instead).
Something about having a table - a place to gather - really jives with my nesting instinct, I guess. Because I think it makes our little Harlem pad feel like home.

We loved sharing the first meals around it with Corey, Alisa and their adorable little bean. And we can't wait to welcome more guests around its edges.

That means you. Come visit. I mean it. I should warn you though, our first overnight guests have set the bar pretty high. If you come, expect manual labor and prepare to document it in beautiful photographs :).


cacrowell said...

We were delighted to initiate the use of such an awesome and most important piece of furniture! Kudos to you Allison for finding the gem! Thanks for a fabulous time. We Beanfolk love getting together with nieghboring Manhattanmen. :)
-Papa Bean, Mama Bean, & Baby Bean

melissa said...

That table is GORGEOUS. I am in lust!

Whitney said...

i am too afraid now to come...although i did get a new camera so that might help! i love the dining room table, you are finding the best pieces of furniture. i am so impressed! i still need to meet alise!

candace said...

you are one of the few people I know that would get a beautiful table before getting food to eat on it!!! Rock on!