Monday, October 4, 2010

Smiths: A Pictorial

Summer seems to have gotten away from us. If I hadn’t unburied my box of scarves from the back of the closet this afternoon, I may not believe it’s already October. But back when the sun was kissing our cheeks and the heat and humidity were so oppressive even capris and tees felt like we were wearing thermal underwear, we were the lucky hosts to three and ¾ of our very favorite people.

We had a wonderfully low-key weekend with the Smiths, watching the World Cup USA vs. Ghana game under the Manhattan Bridge, hitting up the park and finding the best ways to get wet, spending time out on the roof deck and, of course, a trip to Shake Shack for a little something sweet.

I’ve been waiting to blog about their visit, because Jon and Melissa’s photography is so stunning, I knew a post without it would hardly do it justice. Even between the newest addition to their beautiful family and weekly gigs (the duo recently launched their own photography business and some very, very lucky couples and families have been spending their weekends with the pair), sweet Melissa edited and sent these photos from their weekend. Every time we hang out with these two, I end up with a new Facebook profile picture. Is there any higher compliment?

And because a picture is worth a thousand words and I happen to have a lot of great ones from these talented photogs, “what’s say we” just let the pictures do the talking…

This picture makes me laugh a little, because this makes us laugh almost every day. Some art museum? Vegas hotel? No - just the ceiling of our lobby. Subtle, understated... When Ashley and her girls visited last winter, Abbey gazed cautiously at a relief of several cherubs (not pictured here and not always noticed when competing with the ceiling) and said, "those aren't like any kids I've ever seen."


melissa said...

Wow! What a feast for the eyes! These are all framers.

allyn said...

that was a spectacular tour of the city. you did get some good ones to use for the facebook profile pic.

what in the random fresco ceiling in the lobby? has it always been an apartment building?

Nicole said...

Aw, man! My sisters already said what I was thinking. Loved seeing all these great photos of New York. I think the ones of you and Noah in this post are my favorites. Very nice. :)