Friday, May 7, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

I first heard about this dynamic duo when I was a kiddo - my brother-in-law's best friend married a girl with the same name as his own and I found that to be the most crazy awesome thing I'd ever heard. Granted, I wasn't very old at the time, so my exposure to crazy awesome wasn't terribly extensive and lead contenders were probably the ability to make homemade Pixy Stix with Koolaid and sugar (ugh, gross. still can't believe we did this. my mom was not aware, so please consider her name cleared in the matter.) or learning how to make a boondoggle keychain. But a fun fact nonetheless.

I had the chance to meet "guy Kelly" several times over the next few years as he captured family memories, weddings, new babies and growing nieces and nephews from behind the lens. He shot our engagements and our "fake" wedding day pictures (best idea ever. obnoxious wind on the actual game day? veil blowing away? no biggie, we already have the picture we want and it's already hanging on the wall.) and as Koryn correctly predicted, "he will make you look like a supermodel."

I haven't actually met the lovely "girl Kelly," but I know she's lovely for several reasons:
  • The Knudsens adore her. I adore the Knudsens. Simple syllogism.
  • Koryn tipped me off to Kelly's blog a few years ago, and all the breathtaking photography, flawless interior decorating, fabulous hosting ideas, I'm-going-to-invite-myself-over-for-dinner recipes, people-can-actually-grow-gardens-like-that? gardening and ooh-love-that handmade jewelry it entails. Seriously. This gal has perfect taste coming out her ears.

So when Kelly hosted a giveaway for these to-die-for handmade Scrabble pendants - my heart skipped a beat. That doesn't happen a lot. I not the biggest contest enterer (though one would think, with my Craigslisting and Kelloggs free-movie-ing), but this really sang to me.

Well, today - you see, I won.

No big deal.

I'm being totally cool about it.

But I think you should take a glance at what I'm about to be sporting every time you see me. And if you, too, dig her style - check out KellyAnnie.


Brandon and Erica said...

AWESOME! You are totally being cool about being the winner. And that's what I like about you.

I like her blog, if I had myself a Google Reader like everyone else, I would add her to it. Instead, I will just keeping coming back to your blog and clicking on her link.

AND, did I ever tell you that I once won something too? Not a big deal, until you realize it was from your Sister-in-Law Natalie's food blog! Yes, I totally do use your blog to link to new fave blogs. I'm still a reader of Natalie's thanks to you. And, I won some awesome food storage from her.

Small world, I tell ya.

Claire said...

FUN! And congrats! I've never won a contest-- glad you got This one!

candace said...

guy kelly took myf amily photos in Feb! how funny is that?? love the neckalces!

koryn said...

I so entered that one! I am happy you won, promise! I appreciated the shout out on whatever the Knudsens love you must love as well. Tremendous pressure to love the right things but in this case we have not led you astray. Wear you prize with pride my dear.

Desiree said...

they did our wedding too! and i took a weekend photography class from the female kelly that changed my life forever. perhaps that's a bit dramatic but i did learn a thing or two behind the lens. congrats. i also won the only blog giveaway contest i ever entered. won a monogram. sometimes you just "know" to enter. :)

kelly said...

Hey! I just saw this. Kindest words ever written about me. Thanks. :)