Friday, March 5, 2010

Of Late.

I've been a little disconnected lately. Not disconnected and minding it, necessarily. But I just haven't had much to say. (Which is crazy, I usually have something to say. "I have no words. This never happens to me! Words are my life!")

This felt like the most "normal" month we've had in quite some time. We had two sets of lovely houseguests at the very beginning of February, including one of my favorite ladies on the planet.
This picture is apt to confuse, because you're likely thinking, "Allison, how is it that Lindsay looks so put together and ready for the day and you look like you rolled out of bed?"The truth is, I don't know. I think I've let myself go. At least that's what I get from this picture. But I do know this was one of my favorite mornings yet in this city - yoga, flea markets and brunch at Bubby's in Tribeca.

We were visitorless for the rest of the month and Noah and I learned what we would do when we had a month without a move, or a trip, or visitors, or general craziness and the answer is... we hibernate. We spent time with wonderful new friends from the new 'hood and got together with dear friends from the old 'hood. We watched two entire seasons of the West Wing. We made ourselves a near-permanent fixture at our neighbors' place for all the Olympic highlights from Vancouver. (It was really just an excuse for great conversation over snacks. And 90% of the time we were in our sweats. And twice, I didn't even wear shoes. I love living in the same building as friends.) We made one museum trip to the Whitney. We were sucked in by Modern Family. We tried for tickets to Wicked and A View from the Bridge. We ate pita chips and hummus or carrot sticks and hummus for more meals than I should admit.

It was a very routine month. And it was very nice.

A few February happenings that stick out from the norm:

Noah indulged me and went to couples yoga with me on Valentine's weekend. I surprised myself when I learned I can hold him up.

He surprised me last week by coming again (I came from home, he came from basketball - so I really was surprised to walk in and see him there).

He surprised me again in that same moment with his fat lip and cracked teeth from said basketball game.

Noah got a speeding ticket. From Australia. For going *look closely* the equivalent of three miles per hour over the speed limit.


Robby Spratt said...

That speeding ticket is ridiculous! You should fight it, or at least send a strongly worded letter. ;)
What happened to Noah at basketball? I hope he didn't really crack his teeth...

Nicole said...

So nice to see you again! I missed that last post somehow. That is a tiny tiny place you live in and you've managed to make it so beautiful and inviting. SKILLZ! :)

Kadee said...

It sounds like your February was rather enjoyable. The Australian speeding ticket is really fun (by the way, I think he was only going 3 Km over the speed limit). I am saddened that Noah cracked his tooth playing basketball... -Troy and Kadee

candace said...

I, for one, am glad you've "let yourself go" now you know how NORMAL people live :)

Quinn and Linds said...

It was so fun to see you!! As I said on facebook a scarf and a hat does wonders for an outfit. If you had seen me throughout the rest of the week you would have seen that I wore the exact same ensemble in ALL of my pictures. At least I was warm. I loved your have a unique talent for decorating tiny spaces with cheap/free awesome stuff!! Not a lot of people can do that :) Can;t wait to see you to in the warm weather and I promise, for Noah's sake, I will bring Quinn.

koryn said...

Josie Grossie really has some fantastic one-liners. Whatev' to the ticket. They should see me make time between Ogden and Monticello. If he refuses to pay will they refuse him entry to the country from now on? I have a friend who skirts Montana (difficult if heading to Canada) because he has a warrant out for some piddly speeding ticked from 19 years ago. I am thinking, statute of limitations here. ( I love it when Law and Order serves my vocabulary!)

Claire said...

Wow that ticket is insane! I'm in the same boat-- just not much to say!