Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Few More

I tried to add these to the last post. Blogger was so over it.

I breezed by Central Park in the recap just because I didn't have any images to add to the story. But I got these from Daddy-o yesterday and they made me smile.
I love this picture of my Dad with his baby girl. What a handsome guy. Now you see why I'm such a handsome woman... :).
This is all we did for all five days. That's why there are so many jumping pictures. Hard to get one of Megs and me holding still.
And a quick revisit to that first frigid day in Times Square. Doesn't my mom look so cold?! She could catch a chill in Arizona in August, so you know she's dying here. Bless her heart. We hit H&M the first day and properly outfitted those necks and heads.

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Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...

Good times, you handsome family! Jumping pictures are always fun.