Monday, November 9, 2009

New Digs

A few weeks ago, Noah and I told some friends that once our lease expired in Harlem, this year would be the longest we've ever lived in one place. It didn't seem like a topic we could jinx, seeing as how a lease is one full year and there usually isn't much to change that.

Well, hm. The post office charges $1 to submit a change of address request. The post office has seven of our dollars in the past three years.

Ironic that the letter about renewing our lease (complete with the 3% rent increase; thanks for the kick in the pants, NYC) showed up in the mail just one day after the elevator incident. Fortunately, our landlord has been super understanding of our wanting to move and even sent us an email today to remark on how clean we left the apartment when we moved out. (I didn't think these things qualified as remarkable - until we looked at 25 apartments in the last week or so. And yeah - ew. Cleaning is a dying art.)

Saturday, with the help of so many gracious folks, we dragged our heels out of Harlem, bid a conflicted adieu to our old 'hood but an excited hello to our new digs in Battery Park. We are so thrilled with our new place, the neighborhood, the building, the amenities (hello... gym!), the view (hello... Lady Liberty!) and it's kind of fun to see a shot of the NYC skyline and think, "hey! that's our house!"
(**photo credit, Ashley S.)
As a sweet bonus, we already have some great friends living in the building. They sealed the never-leave deal when, faced with the choice between instant oatmeal or dry brownie mix for dinner on Sunday, we got a text, "Dinner's at 6." We left our place at 5:59 and still got to their place on time. It was bliss. Now if we could just get everyone we know to move into the same building...

Pictures are forthcoming. WAY forthcoming. I don't know what to do with a studio, so this could take some time. And every evening when we return home, I'm reminded there are no lights in the bed/dining/living room. Lamp shopping, post haste.


Maura said...

Good luck setting up the new place. I would check out the Apartment Therapy Web site for studio set up ideas. I am always amazed at all that people can do with such a small space.

Nicole said...

That looks a lot like the building where Robert and Morgan live in the movie Enchanted. Same? I have no doubt you will amaze me with your innovation in your new apartment. :) Good luck!

cacrowell said...

What a cool building! And Battery Park--how awesome is that?! Is the apt. as big as your other one? I loved how spacious it felt--especially for being in NY. Happy decorating!

melissa said...

Hooray for new digs! I remember Battery Park having the coolest view, ever. You two are lucky ducks. Having fun making it home.

Allison said...

Nicole - if you tracked my recent Google searches, you'd now see "apartment on Enchanted" :). Not ours, but that does look like a pretty sweet place!

And Alisa, I wish! No, unfortunately our new place is approx. 300s/f smaller. But with a place for everything and everything in its place, I think it will be fine :).

Sarah & Trent said...

We just got some new lamps too!! Isn't it dumb, they don't put lights in apts? geez.
I love the little roll that could. :) What stamina!
Hope you're having fun getting settled!

Rae said...

Hopefully I'm not creeping you out, commenting as if we know each other in real life, but I've commented before and told you I enjoy your blog. :)
I had to comment on this because my first apartment in the city was in Harlem also, and I've now lived in the Financial District for over two years. You will LOVE IT! I never had anything scary happen to me while living in Harlem, and never felt it was dangerous, however you definitely will get a different vibe living in this neighborhood. It's so nice when you're out late at night, the only people you come across are typically bankers or tourists. Not too many sketchy people. The west side highway is great, and Battery Park is awesome too! There's a little area that has free wifi, I went there a lot this summer after work to veg out and enjoy the view.
And, if your new building is the one I think it is, I checked out that building once. UNREAL rooftop right?
Congrats on your new place.

Whitney said...

yay!!! is that in the financial district? i think that is by where the staton island ferry takes off, i LOVE that area!!! so sweet. i am really happy for you guys, that is such a wonderful place to live!

now the question is, do either of you snore? because a studio with visitors will be a little interesting..but awesome interesting!!

Amber and Zach said...

So awesome that you live there! Good luck with the new place !