Sunday, December 7, 2008

You Can't Take It With You

WARNING: Among the more materialistic posts in my time.

As Noah and I prepare to make the trek eastward, we've limited our rations to one little white car's worth.

After clothes of the professional sort, a few linens and limited kitchenwares - it leaves little in the way of frivolity. And that means my birthday gift from Noah will have to reside elsewhere for the next few years.

You will be sorely missed.


Ben and Missy said...

I hear you. When we left for Finland we had to really go through our stuff and sell everything "unnecessary". It was pretty sad to think that all that we owned we could fit into 4 suitcases.
But living in New York will be worth it! Plus I hear they have great antiques on the East coast... you'll just have to go shopping!

Ashley said...

I'll take it for you. What are sisters for?

melissa said...

Oh man...I don't know that I could do it. No, seriously. I don't think I could do it.

I commend you!