Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14th in Riley Time

Disclaimer: You’ll have to forgive the lack of wittiness in this post; Noah is making his debut contribution to the blog.

4:45 am
Al: “Have a good day Sweetie, I love you.”
Noah: “gkejwoifs”
Al leaves for an early morning interview with Fox13 and Noah rolls over.

6:30 am
Noah: “Singing in the shower, doot doot do”
Noah wakes up, gets ready and bums a ride to work with coworker, Jason possibly one of the nicest guys in the world.
Al is facilitating multiple TV and radio interviews.

7:45 am
Noah arrives at insurance and starts doing insurance marketing things.
Al is still shaping the news you watch.

2:00 pm
(I skipped a few calendar items that were either not blog worthy or didn’t have photographic evidence.)
Noah goes on his daily walk with coworkers on the walking trails at Lake Park. Al is meeting with the partners of the Summit Group accepting a big promotion from account coordinator to account Manager after only being with the firm for nine months!!! Everyone at the Summit Group showers Al with awesome compliments and praise.

4:45 pm
Noah leaves work and bums another ride with a coworker to go to his soccer game.
Al is still working after 12 hours on the job.

6:30 pm
Mamba #5, Noah’s soccer team, narrowly pulls off the victory against a team that played the whole game a man down.
Al is getting ready to leave work.

7:00 pm
Noah goes to a meeting at the church.
Al is still getting ready to leave work.

8:20 pm
Noah and Al finally meet up and enjoy a delicious leftover from the day’s events Subway sandwich.

9:30 pm
Al is zonked on the couch.
Noah reads a book and is very proud of his amazing wife.

The end.


jon & whit said...

LOL!!! i love reading your blog! CONGRATS!! that is so awesome!!!

Quinn and Linds said...

Horray for Allison!! I am so glad to hear it! We need to celebrate. Good luck in your race on saturday and I am excited to see you two on saturday night!!

su-tang 3000 said...

Spencer is a witness that Noah did in fact "go for a walk" during working time with his co-workers, after he ate pizza and watched The Office on the projector screen in the conference room during lunch.

Koryn said...

I love that you took the time to Congratulate Allison in a way we can all get a better feel for what her days are like and how hard she has worked. However, Noah, I am sure the your days have a little more than you are giving it credit for! You kids are such a power couple!

Natalie said...

A HUGE congrats Al! We, of course, are not surprised at all that you would recieve such a major promotion so early. You are amazing. That really is awesome, wonderful news and we couldn't be happier.

Noah, welcome, welcome. We're glad you're here.

melissa said...

Oh wow Al! That is so great - congrats!

And Noah - congrats on the soccer win, sounds pretty major. :)

Brandon and Erica said...

That is AWESOME!! Seriously, you are a big deal. I mean, after seeing how you practically OWNed the SLC Marathon, I wasn't too surprised about the big promotion. Congrats! Can't wait to see you when you start PRing for NBC's "Today" Show.

And...I agree, so glad we have become friends over the blog. Because, well...I feel like we are buds now, sans the two face-to-face times we've met.

And, just for the record...when I first read Noah's abbreviation of "Al", I thought he was saying A.I., which in my interpretation could only one of two things: American Idol, Artificial Intelligence.
So glad that I realized it was his cute nickname for his wife instead! :-)

Nick & Leila said...

That is awesome! I can't believe that, that's awesome. I love the post. I promise we haven't forgot about going out to dinner but my hubby is currently in Japan so maybe when he gets back. Now we have something to celebrate!

jess said...

Congrats on the promo! That is so awesome!

Amy said...

Allison, sounds like you are quite a woman!!! Congrats on your promotion. And Noah, congrats to you on marrying such a catch!

Amber and Zach said...

Wow Allison! You ARE amaizing! Great job on the promotion!

Chelsea Nelson said...

I am loving this blog!! I'm glad I found it.