Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lovely Lake Michigan

Just as fast as we could settle in our place and find some subletters, we headed to the Paces' home in Michigan for some summer fun. Noah and I always travel in autumn, so we tend to hoard our vacation time in anticipation of fall travel. Thanks to my firm's summer days (gah-lor-ious!) and Noah's ability to work from the road, we enjoyed one of the first summer vacations we've had in years.

Our band of merry travelers made our way north to Lake Michigan and the lovely lakeside town of Hollis. We rode bikes to the beach, jumped off the pier, ate soft-serve apricot ice cream and made s'mores in the fire pit in back. When we weren't doing those things, we were berry picking (straight from the beach to the berry patch), failing to keep up on morning runs with Ashley, exploring farmers' markets and wandering through street fairs.

Upon our return to Ann Arbor, we were treated to a tour of the Big House at University of Michigan. Noah was in heaven getting to see a Heisman trophy and walk on the field. Hayden was a little, "yeah, whatevs." It's gonna take more than the largest college football stadium to impress this four year old.

One hazard of traveling with Ashley Pace, photographer extraordinaire, is that I tend to take very, very few pictures. For a better photo documentary (and frankly, wittier prose), I recommend her account.

As fall blusters away outside my window, I'm just going to revel a few more moments in this:


Leah said...

What darling pictures :) congrats on the baby!! You guys will be the best parents. Oh and I noticed "Santa Noah" on Taza's blog... How funny!!

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